Sunday, July 31, 2011

Old is Gold --- Remains of the old home library , A peak into the 70s and 80s

Almost seventy five percent of all the books are lost , which includes some beautiful offset printed large sized science encyclopedias..Some were taken by others and never found their way back, some are donated to local libraries and some just got moth eaten along with the huge collection of monthly periodicals(Eureka and Shaasthra Keralam) .. All the books was kept in the attic which would invariably get wet during rains, thanks to leaking roofing tiles above .However a few still escaped the wrath of time and I found them waiting for their last rites.. In the age of internet, may be they are probably not needed anymore..But it was these very old friends that showed the way when the world was sleeping around..Whatever remaining is now preserved here .

Many of these books belonged my brother as he won various quiz competitions in Trichur district. Many belongs to mine and most of them are bought by Mom having taken membership of parishath book club.There were quite number of handwritten quiz books prepared by mother, which are no more found.. (ഹരിതകമുള്ള ജന്തു ഏതു..? മുട്ടയിടുന്ന സസ്തനം ഏതു ..? പറക്കുന്ന സസ്തനം ഏതു.. തുടങ്ങി ഒരു പതിനായിരം ചോദ്യം വരും വച്ചിരുന്നത് ) Imagine! the earlier ones from these book collection were read in the light of rantals or kerosene lamps..

Imagine reading curiously about the theory of electrons and electricity under lights from kerosene lamps and candles.. ! (Of course Eveready batteries ,radio and torches were present even during those times -We made the electrons flow throw the copper wire that connects the battery with the torch bulb- probably one of the earliest experiments..!!!)

I saw the artificial satellites moving across the late evening skies post sunset . Venus,Mars and and Jupitar shone brilliantly up in the sky in the night .That was a time when the evening skies were hardly scattered with urban dust and every night(but during rains) was blueish and star studded..

I feel sorry the new urbanized kids . They never get to see what is it like the pitch dark blusih night and the magic it creates.